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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Secret to Getting Published

So, I was going to write a book. I did all of the normal stuff would-be writers do, which is talk a lot about how one day I’d write a book. That, and sign my name on other people’s books just to get my signature right. (Sorry, John Green.)

Also, I read author and agent blogs like I was getting paid to do it. (Which I wasn’t.)

And then I learned the Number One Secret To Getting Published.

I’m sure this post will come in handy to anyone planning on writing the next Great American Novel. Which is to say, 98 percent of Americans. No matter, this applies to everyone.

The key is, you have to actually write the book. As in open a blank Word document or notebook or stack of napkins or what have you and put pen to paper, fingers to keys. Go figure, right?

Here I was, spending all this time reading and reading and learning and absorbing the endless publishing knowledge that’s out there and I kind of missed the whole point: Unwritten books don’t get published. Shocking, I know.

So that’s why I’m here. I’m writing it. Cross my heart, there are words on this page. Words about a story and not just the title or acknowledgments.

This blog will chronicle my journey from writer wannabe to (fingers crossed) real, live, actual author.


  1. so exciting! can't wait to follow you on this journey :)

  2. You will do everything in your dreams. I have every confidence in you. Not that you need it, but good luck! :-)

  3. SUPER exciting!! I can't wait to read all about it!

  4. You mean my unwritten novel WON'T get published? Back to the drawing board, then ;)

    Nice to meet you, and good luck to you :)

  5. @Bri I know, crazy right? It took me years to figure that out.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. Good luck on your journey, and welcome to AW too!

  7. Awesome! I hope you have a great writing adventure. Novelling is a lot of fun (is that a word?) :D

  8. @Amber CuadraI'll vote for it as a word. It gets the point across pretty well, huh?

  9. I've got five un-finished manuscripts, and one with Betas. Get to work today and don't give up!

  10. @Becky Wallace Thanks for stopping by! Good luck on the MS with your betas. Oh, and at this point, giving up would just be depressing!

  11. Congratulations Tracey! I am so excited for seems like just yesterday that you said you wanted to write a YA book, and now you've done it! I am so impressed and inpspired.

    I'm not sure if you know but I've been doing acquisitions for a literary agent and I read queries, proposals and books all day long. If you want a second set of eyes to look at any or all of those please don't hesitate to let me know.

    Congrats again!!

  12. Thanks Ameena. I didn't know you were doing that. How fun!

  13. WOOT!!! I hope you have as much fun as I have learning to write a novel!! I'm on the 8th version of the same book after oh 4 to 5 years!! I've come such a long way, but it's true: the unwritten novels never get published. ;o) I hope ya learn to love your characters as much as I do.

    I wish you every luck!! I'll be sticking around to cheer ya on! :)


  14. @Awel Prince Thanks, Awel. Eighth version--way to go. I'm sure I'll be doing at least that many edits. For now, though, it's just giddy excitement over finishing. :)

  15. it is kind of shocking, isn't it? ha! anyway, welcome to the blogosphere (as an active participant in it). look forward to reading up on your transition from wannabe author to live, actual author.