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YA Book Club

This is a book club. Shocking, I know. If you love to read and want to join, we’d love to have you.

That’s it. I considered adding some sort of test of honor to weed out those who don’t like young adult literature, but before I could set up the fire swamp and import the rodents of unusual size, I decided to write this disclaimer.

This is a young adult book club.

(If youre simply looking to find out what were reading next, keep scrolling.)

So here’s the deal:

As much as I would love to be the Overlord of Books, I figure more people will enjoy more books if everyone had a say. So at the end of each month, I’ll ask you for any book suggestions. (Scroll down for a list of previous book club reads.) The caveat: They must be published by the first of the next month.

After everyone makes their suggestions, I’ll include them all in a poll. All you have to do is vote for your favorite. The book with the most votes wins. (If your pick didn’t get chosen, you’re free to suggest it again.)

Start Reading
Once the book’s been chosen, consider the whistle blown. You can start reading whenever you’re ready.

Stop Then
When I reveal the book of the month, I’ll also post the date we’ll be discussing it. You’ll have almost an entire month to read the book and form some sort of opinion on it.

Blog About It
If you have a blog, post about the book—and, more importantly, your thoughts about the book. You can blog about anything, really: why you liked it, why you disliked it, the character development, the voice, the character that bugged the heck out of you… It doesn’t matter which direction you take the post as long as it’s about the book of the month.

Leave a Link
On the discussion date, leave a link to your blog on mine. Other people can view your blog, just as you’ll be able to read every other participants’ thoughts on the book.

Leave a Comment
Being left out is no fun, so if you don’t have a blog, I’d still love for you to participate! Just read the book along with us, and leave your thoughts in the comments of people’s posts.

Make Friends
The bottom line: You can tour everyone else’s blogs to get their take on the book. It’s a good way to understand different views on the novel, but it’s also a great way to meet other blog friends.

So get ready. Oh, and here’s a you can add it to your post or to your blog’s sidebar to identify yourself as a member of the book club. It’s like the red badge of coolness, ya know?

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Next Read: Red Queen
Club Discussion: March 30, 2015

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