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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Hear Voices

Not literally, okay? I know, you were probably worrying about me after that title. I swear, I’m totally sane.

I’m talking about music. At my day job as a nonfiction writer, I can’t listen to music. It doesn’t matter if I’m writing an article about diabetes, superfoods or eye shadow trends. I can’t do it. Something about hearing voices while I try to lay down the facts and reference multiple documents of transcribed interviews makes my writing suck. And my head explode. I could deal with the latter, but sucky writing? No way.

Anyway, when I started writing my current WIP I vowed to do so in silence. The Man had other thoughts.

He cranked the game so loud I had to plug my ears with headphones just to drown the announcers out. And then I realized I liked listening to music while writing. It got me in the mood. After a while, I barely noticed it. Now I need it.

The Man likes to say this revelation should be credited to him, like he knew all along how much music would help my writing.

I let him think that. He’ll be cursing his brilliance when I start revising and he becomes a widower.

What about you: Music on or off? Any songs I should add to my playlist?

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