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Monday, April 11, 2011

But Why YA?

For some reason, every interview with a YA author I’ve ever read starts like this:

Why YA?

(Side note: I’d love to interview an author of literary fiction or thrillers or women’s fiction and say, “So, why did you chose to write literary/thrillers/women’s fiction instead of YA?” I’m not so sure the rest of the interview would go so well. Journalist’s intuition here.)

So here’s my answer:

I have no idea. I like to read YA. And that’s just how the idea came to me. For some reasons, characters or story ideas pop into my mind at that age—when everything in the world is changing and strange and unfair and exciting.

That’s why.

I probably will never write a story about an adult. They have obligations and baggage. Besides, I’m an adult every day of my life. For my escape, I want to think like a teen.

So there.

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