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Friday, May 20, 2011

What If...?

I’m in the middle of revising rewriting this story and, as I mentioned, a new idea is acting like a child, nudging me constantly and screaming “Pay attention to me!” But while you can lock a child out of your room,* I can’t block the idea. So when I’m not writing I’m brainstorming, which is sort of one long game of What If.

Let’s play the game, shall we? I’m going to pose a “what if” question and you can follow it up with another question in the comments. Build on each other’s questions (your “what if” question will directly relate to question posted above you, but feel free to add characters, etc.) so we can see the story come together.

You know, I’d say:

What if Tracey got an agent?

And you’d say:
And what if she sold to a top publisher?

And the next person would say:
Then what if she got a three-book deal?

The person after that would say:
What if the publisher begged her to never stop writing?

Um, I think you get the idea.

So here’s the real what if:
What if there was world peace?

I’ll post the full story, based on your “what if” questions next week.

*No, I don’t have children. Why do you ask?

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