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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Young Adult Reader Assistance Questionnaire

Journal of Impossible Research, July 2011 issue

It’s important, when making book recommendations to family or friends, to spend time choosing the most suitable book. Considering the number of books currently occupying shelves in libraries and bookstores and (virtually) online, one does not want to suggest a book that may waste a person’s valuable time. As such, careful consideration should be a part of the book recommendation process.

The most reliable way to judge previously read books is to follow an easy and thorough questionnaire. In a study of 500 Original Readers and Readers, the six-question Young Adult Reader Assistance Questionnaire (YARAQ) made positive recommendations 98 percent of the time.

YARAQ: Young Adult Reader Assistance Questionnaire

1. How long does it take for the main character and the handsome gentleman she courts to reveal their lust with a kiss?
A. One week or less
B. One month or less
C. Longer than one month

2. How long has said main character known said hot gentleman before one (or both) announces undying love?
A. One week or less
B. One month or less
C. Longer than one month

2. How did said main character and said sexy gentleman meet?
A. He moved to her school and began stalking her
B. He moved to school and became the bad boy with cuddling potential
C. They have been friends or acquaintances for at least a year

3. How many love interests are there?
A. More than two
B. Two, a perfect love triangle
C. One

4. What makes the main character special?
A. He or she was born into the right family*
B. He or she became special after doing something courageous and/or selfless
C. He or she is not special but must work hard to become special

5. How many characters in the book are extremely beautiful?
A. All of them
B. All but one
C. Most of them, but there are a few ugly geeks thrown in there

6. Why is the villain evil?
A. There is no reason
B. Because of trauma done to him or her 20 or more years ago**
C. For a personal reason that the reader can relate to

Points are scored as follows: For each A, add 1. For each B, add 2. For each C, add 3.

*Add two points when completing the YARAQ for Harry Potter
** Add one point when completing the YARAQ for Harry Potter

Once added, books with a rating under seven should not be recommended to friends or family unless said friend or family member a) angers, b) embarrasses, or c) otherwise annoys Original Reader.

Books rated between seven and twelve should be recommended with caution. Original Reader should never use words such as “loved,” “best,” or “favorite” when recommending a book in this category.

Original Reader is safe to recommend those books rated twelve and above. However, phrases such as “this is the best book I’ve ever read” and “I love this book more than my children” may elevate a Reader’s expectations to unattainable levels and, thus, result in what scholars have termed a “let down.”

Prior to recommending a book, all Original Readers should take time to fill out the YARAQ form. The risk for friendship suspension can be lessened by ten percent for each form filled out.

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