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Friday, September 16, 2011

Reader Appreciation Day

When you see people you really like but don’t want to come off too eager so you give a little wave:

And instead of yelling, “Come over here and talk to me and be my best friend forever and ever!!!!” you play it cool.

Then there’s that awkward moment when someone asks the group who has the best blog readers. And you’re like, “Um, I do.”

And suddenly you want to tell your blog readers how cool they are from the bottom of your heart…

But giving a bear hug over the Internet is awkward. So you consider putting on a show.

Until your husband defines the word inappropriate.

But you give a little dance* to thank them anyway.

Welcome to all my new followers, and thanks for reading to everyone! If I were corny I'd tell you seeing you here brightens my day. But, er, I'm not corny. Not at all...

Have a super awesome weekend.

*Sadly, I don't dance much better than this.

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