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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RTW: Call Me Tracey

Road Trip Wednesday is a blog carnival, where YA Highway’s contributors and readers post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody’s take on the topic.

This week’s prompt was: What would your pseudonym be?

You know, I grew up kind of hating my name. (I’ve mentioned this once or twice, haven’t I?) The thing is, being called Tracy when you obviously have an E in there gets tiring. I’ve considered removing the E from money from time to time and seeing how everyone else likes missing letters, but misspellings annoy me too much.

(And if you find a misspelling in this blog post, please assume it was on purpose even though we both know it totally wasn’t. I like to present an air of perfection, as inaccurate as that may be.)

Anyhow, I’ve always thought about first names that I would have preferred. I’m pretty sure I’d be super sophisticated and gorgeous if my parents had named me Sophia. Also, I’d tell people to call me Sophie when I was feeling particularly adorable.

But as much as I love that name and as rocky a relationship with Tracey as I’ve had, I think I’d stick with what my momma gave me.

And then I’d change my last name. Not that Neithercott is terrible (Hi, husband! I like your last name) and neither was my maiden name, Giordano.

But I’ve always loved my grandmother’s maiden name, Thayer. Even as a child I wished my name were Tracey Thayer. As a kid, I imagined that would be my Hollywood name. Well, that little fantasy petered out, so I supposed it could double as a pen name.

Oh, but if I were ever a spy, which is really the main thing I aspire to in this life, I’d go with something funner, like Lana Black (aka The Snake). I would also wear skin-tight leather and hide ten guns all over my body. You would be very afraid. Also, youd find me irresistible, which would help me do whatever spy thingy I needed to do.

Imagine this, but a female. And made of skin and organs instead of plastic:

That, my friends, is Lana Black.

What would your pseudonym be?

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