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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Girl on Fire

Road Trip Wednesday is a blog carnival, where YA Highway’s contributors and readers post a weekly writing- or reading-related question and answer it on our own blogs. You can hop from destination to destination and get everybody’s take on the topic.

This week’s prompt was: What would your memoir be called?

You know, I’ve actually thought about this before. Not because I’m in the middle of writing my memoir or anything. I’m not. But too many people have suggested I write a memoir that I’ve entertained the idea long enough—about three full minutes at this point—to come up with the most perfect title, like, ever.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I have a superfun rare disease that has provided me with the superfun pastime of burning alive. And since my feet constantly burn like someone’s dipped them in acid, lit them on fire, and somehow prevented them from turning to ash, I thought it only appropriate my memoir be titled:

Girl on Fire

No, not that girl on fire. More like this:

To be honest, if I ever find a way to minimize my pain without becoming a morphine addict, or if I find a way to prevent flare-ups, I probably will write a memoir one day. As a writer, when you live with a disease most doctors can’t identify, let alone pronounce, you get a strong sense of duty. Raising awareness is, well, kind of in your job description.

And since less than 1 percent of the world population can identify with my burning pain, I’ll print gratuitous photos of Katniss in a lit-up ball gown.

What would you title your memoir?

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