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Monday, April 23, 2012

Obsessed (Also, Pick Our May Book)

So Friday for my birthday The Man took me to FINALLY see The Hunger Games. It was playing at the drive-in nearby, and since I’m literally The Girl On Fire, I was happy we could sit in the car with the A/C blasting my feet.

The obsessed fan that I am, I wore this T-shirt:

Under a sweatshirt with the same saying. I’m pretty sure all those teens in tank tops were jealous of how cool I looked. I’m pretty sure that’s what their stares meant.

Pretty sure.

So without spending six pages explaining my thoughts on the movie I’ll just say three things:
  • I really, really liked it.
  • I still couldn’t help but think how the book was so much better. It’s understandable that A LOT has to be cut for film, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t miss some details.*
  • Still, I thought it was great.
Right, so enough Hunger Games gushing. We have business to attend to. Friends, what are your suggestions for the May YA book club?

I’m looking to you for help. I know there are some pretty awesome sequels coming out at the end of this month, but let’s stick with stand-alone books** so the maximum number of readers can enjoy the book club.


Hit me: What do you want to read?

*Though it’s been way too long since I read the books, which I plan on doing before I see the movie again. I might be crazy, but I thought Peeta was tougher in the book for some reason...

**One day we’ll read a sequel to a book club book, but today is not that day. Mainly because there are no sequels to the books we’ve read…yet.

***Am I the only one who thinks of Uncle Jesse every single time she hears this word?

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