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Friday, November 16, 2012

Advice to Teen Me

As part of the blog tour for the new book Dear Teen Me, in which authors give advice to their teen selves, writer Erin Schneider has created a pretty awesome video of a bunch of YA and MG writers. I’m not saying you should check it out because I’m in it (along with teen me and the advice I’d give 16-year-old Tracey—in six words no less), but you might want to check it out because it’s fun.

So head here to find out exactly how much I still look like teen Tracey. (If I’m being honest, I still look like my 11-year-old self, too. And because I was so into wearing baggy clothes back in the ’90s, I could probably still fit into 11-year-old Me's wardrobe. If I still liked Umbros.)

Erin asks this question on her blog, but I’m curious: What advice—in only six words—would you give your teen self?

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