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Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 YA Superlative Blogfest: Day 4

Here we are: The final day of the YA Superlative Blogfest. I’ve been so excited to see you guys participating, and have loved hopping from blog to blog to see what you’ve picked. (Also, thanks to you, my to-be-read list needs a second chapter.)

A reminder: Check back tomorrow for the winners of the year-end giveaway!

Favorite Covers

I made that bad boy plural because I could never choose just one.

Cutest Couple

There are so many YA couples I love, but cutest? Most adorable? That’s definitely Parker and Will from Stealing Parker.

Most Likely to Succeed (Or, pick a Printz Winner.)

John Green has this one in the bag.

Most Likely to Make You Miss Your Bedtime

There was so much I loved about this book—the mystery, the action, the romance—that it flew by in one sitting.

Best Repeat Performance

If this blogfest has taught me anything, it’s that I didn’t read many sequels this year. I think I can count the number I read on one hand. My favorite was A Million Suns, which I think I enjoyed more than Across the Universe. I’m really excited for the last in the trilogy.

Romance Most Worthy of an Ice Bath

The sexual tension between Katy and Daemon sizzles, and when they do kiss? Watch out.

Breakout Novel

This is a surprisingly difficult category—this year was packed with standout debuts. But even after almost a year, Under the Never Sky is my favorite.

Best Old-Timer (Your favorite read of the year, published BEFORE 2012.)

I have no idea what took me so long to read The Thief, but it was a stupid reason because this book is awesome. Gen, the main character, is so likable even though hes a totally lazy criminal. If you haven’t read it, get to it.

Most Likely to Make a Grown Man Cry

Please. I think The Fault in Our Stars could make a desert cry.

Most Pleasant Surprise

Graffiti Moon sounded like such a fluffy read to me, but when it comes to YA books, never doubt an Aussie. Everything about this was great, especially the prose, which elicited from me both deep sighs and giggles. Here, have some:
“Every time he looked at me I felt like I’d touched my tongue to the tip of a battery. In art class I’d watch him lean back and listen and I was nothing but zing and tingle. After a while, the tingle turned to electricity, and when he asked me out my whole body amped to a level where technically I should have been dead. I had nothing in common with a sheddy like him, but a girl doesn’t think straight when she’s that close to electrocution.”
Most Creative Use of a Love Triangle

The first in Cynthia Hand’s series was my pick for this category last year, and there’s no other book that fits this slot better than this follow-up. In fact, this series is what comes to mind when I think of believable love triangles.

Sleeper Hit (Book you found so awesome you wish it had been hyped more.)

I’m not sure why this didn’t make a bigger splash (perhaps it’s because this isn’t a 2012 release in Australia), but it should have. It’s a beautifully written novel.

Pick your own category—Best Self-Pubbed Novel

I’m hesitant to pick this lest you think I’m only giving this spot to Torched because I’m friends with Andrea. But here’s the thing: This book is great and will smash any preconceptions you have about self-publishing. Forget loads of typos and a loose plot. Plus, the story’s fun and the mystery engaging. 

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