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Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Is Why I'm Grinning

This is me grinning. (You’ll note the absence of a photo. This is for your own good.)

I am grinning for one reason. I’ll let you decide.

A. I am a computer genius and have hacked into the Royal Bank of Scotland’s computer system, transferred $1 trillion to offshore accounts, and am currently on my way to an undisclosed location to live out the rest of my life with a hot guy named Finn who does not own a shirt.

B. I have miraculously obtained a polar bear cub that is, as I type, nuzzling my neck with his cold nose. I’ve named him The Darkling as both a nod to one of my favorite boyfriend-worthy villains as well as an ironic statement I hope will make look clever. Hang on. (NO, DARKLING, THE SWEATER IS NOT ME MAKING A STATEMENT ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING! IT IS SIMPLY A CUTE SWEATER THAT MAKES YOU LOOK SNUGGLY!)

C. The lovely ladies in the Bookanistas have inducted me into their book-reviewing society. Contrary to popular belief, the process didn’t involve months of hazing. Only minor hazing occurred. (My eyebrows are already growing back, thank you!) And now certain Thursdays during the month I will be posting reviews of books I love. It’s a win for you (book reviews!) and a win for me (book talk!).

I know what you’re thinking: It’s obviously A. You’re probably shocked to learn it’s C. (The most unlikely choice, I know. Mourn with me for my loss of The Darkling.)

Ill give you a moment to mull over that shocking news. 

Moving on... Since I’m clearly not doing one today, how about you check out what other Bookanistas are reviewing? 

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