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Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Twist on the YA Book Club

Dear friends, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking.

A dangerous pastime.

I know.*

But it’s summer. And that makes me think of two things: beach reads and summer reading lists. That gave me an idea: a twist on the YA book club, just for the next two months.

This is your book club as much as it is mine, so I’m throwing this out there for discussion. That’s right, I am giving up my Supreme Overlord title for the day. I feel lonely without my pure-gold scepter.

So, who’d be up for the following:

JULY: Summer reading
The book club will read (or, for many of us, re-read) a book from the traditional summer reading list. I’ll come up with a list of five books and we’ll all vote on the one we want to read and discuss.

AUGUST: Beach reads
The book club will read a typical “beach read.” Think light, fun, and fast.

What do you think? If you’re up for either (or both), are there books you want to suggest?

*And if you don’t get that reference, well, I’m going to question your commitment to pop culture.

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