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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bookanistas Review: Earthbound

I should start out by saying this is the first Aprilynne Pike book I’ve read, which is important because after I read this I went out and bought Wings. During that reading, I noticed a few similarities to Earthbound, including but not limited to:
  1. Mysterious and somewhat disturbing events begin happening to the main character.
  2. She entrusts her secret weirdness to a cute boy.
  3. Said boy, overlooking her strangeness and possible mental instability, moves out of the friendzone and straight into Boyfriendland.
  4. Girl encounters a strange boy wearing period clothing.
  5. Said boy is mysterious and handsome and knows more about the crazy stuff going on in her life than she does.
None of this bothered me in Earthbound. And, honestly, if you’ve read Wings and are worried Earthbound is the same thing with a different storyline, don’t. Worry, that is. There are similarities to Wings (which I enjoyed), but in Earthbound the plot was more original, Pike’s writing better, and the overall story more exciting.

But what I really loved about this is the treatment of the love triangle.

[Insert collective gasp.]

Yes, a love triangle. But before you click off of this site in righteous indignation—most likely due to the fact that you have had enough of love triangles and why can’t she just settle on one boy for goodness’ sake?—hear me out. The love triangle in this story works.

We know from the blurb (and therefore I’m assuming it’s not spoilery to say so) that Tavia’s in love with her best friend, Benson, who eventually becomes her boyfriend. And while she has unexplained yet strongly romantic feelings for another boy who appears like an apparition—who she knows she’s supposed to be with—she stands firm. She loves Benson.

Maybe that was too spoilery.

Still, I needed to point out that Tavia’s not wishy-washy. She’s not the type of main character who leads two guys on as she tries to decide which fits her mood of the moment. And that was incredibly refreshing.

There’s a nice twist at the end that, okay, I saw coming, but it didn’t spoil the fun. And it sets the second book up so nicely that I’m anxious to read it.

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