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Monday, March 24, 2014

Read, Set, Goal

A couple weeks ago I joined the YA Buccaneers in a writing boot camp, which is the only type of boot camp I will ever join, mostly because I am not insane. If you haven’t heard of the YA Buccaneers blog, you can check it out here. Who are they? A bunch of cool writers with eye patches and peg legs who punctuate their speech with words like “arrrgh!”

Anyhow, they’re hosting a writing boot camp, which I joined (go Team Defiance!) because there’s nothing I love more than accountability with writing goals. That’s a much kinder way of saying I’m weak and need others to force me to work.

Instead of writing, I’ve been revising because that stage of my process is never-ending. Good boot camp members have been posting their goals and progress to their blogs. I forgot rebelled. (Then again, kids get sent to boot camp for rebelling so it seems almost fitting.)

Anyhow, my goal in joining the boot camp was to finish this set of revisions before sending my MS off to one more round of beta readers. I also wanted to finalize a query and synopsis. So far, I’ve written a query and synopsis and made the biggest revisions to my MS.

This week, I have some very specific goals:
  1. Critique a friend’s query.
  2. Finish read-through for pacing then send MS to betas.
  3. Revise query and send to readers.
  4. Attempt to make synopsis not suck.
  5. Attempt not to slam head into desk while working on synopsis.

I’m pretty sure I can handle numbers one through four.

In other news, last night I heard about this writing goal–setting program from Liz Briggs’s blog and decided to try it out. It’s called myWriteClub, and lets you create all sorts of goals, track them, and keep up with friends’ goals. Anyone use it?  (I’m traceyneithercott on there if you do.)

What are your goals for the week?

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