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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Release Day to Frozen

Bad news: It’s April 15 and you’ll be forking over your savings to Uncle Sam. Good news: It’s April 15 and my friend Erin Bowman’s Frozen releases today. I’m so excited (for the book, not the giving of my money), and you should be, too. The book is a great follow up to Erin’s debut, Taken. (My review for that is here.)

I read it back when the title aptly described the landscape outside my window so I got the whole immersive book experience. Seriously, Gray and the gang’s trek through freezing, icy terrain was a little too realistic during this never-ending winter. My ears were freezing while I read it, and I was yelling for Gray to put on his damn hat. The trek is necessary, though, because Gray and his band of rebels believe there are people in abandoned Group A who may help their cause.

I loved the twists and turns. In a world of forgeries, it’s hard to know who’s real and who’s a reproduction. I also liked Gray’s romance with Bree and the confusion he feels over Emma’s betrayal.

But my favorite part of the novel is Jackson and his relationship with a little boy they find along the way. The way he grows, both through the relationship with this boy and as a person (yes, as a person), was absolutely wonderful. The ending was great, but—and not to get spoilery—you are a cruel, cruel woman, Bowman.

On a whole a great second book in a suspenseful dystopian series.

What spring release are you most excited to read?

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