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Monday, June 16, 2014

Ready, Set, Write: Update and New Goals

It is the second week of Ready, Set, Write, and I was thisclose to skipping an update today, which makes me pretty pathetic. I would blame my wrist, which is sore after a weekend of writing, but laziness accounts for at least half of it.

But not to worry! I gave myself a mini pep talk that included phrases like “Go get ’em, Champ!” (because clearly Tracey in pep talk mode is the father of a young T-ball player), and as a result I am ready to give you guys an update on my Ready, Set, Write progress and goals.

So, last week my goal was to brainstorm the following details for each of the countries in my fantasy world: language, ethics and values, religion, population, government, politics, and the crime and legal system.

Aw, how cute was I a week ago thinking I could complete all that? Really adorable. Like a puppy that runs full steam ahead into a closed glass door. I stopped at ethics and values. Feel free to laugh. S’okay.

Which brings me to my next news: I got a promotion! I’m super excited about it, but while I move into my new role I’ll probably have less time to work on this new story. Which means I need to adjust my goals for the summer, lest I end up completely depressed by my inability to hit my targets.

So this week I’m setting a very small goal: Brainstorm the following details for each of the countries in my fantasy world: religion and population. It’s not much, but I’m swamped at work and I’d hate to underachieve again this week.

One other order of business! My query for my YA sci-fi mystery is up for critique on Matt MacNish’s blog. If you get a moment and feel like ripping something to shreds, head over there and let me know your thoughts!

Alright, friends, what’s your writing status update?

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