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Thursday, January 21, 2016

On Reading, Writing & Addictive TV

I tried.

I even had one of those reminder things set on my calendar to yell at me twice a week about being lazy and not writing my blog posts like those highly organized and industrious bloggers. (You know who you are.)

I even knew that on Tuesdays we post Currently. The problem is that I spent half this week with mixed up days. I blame the day off on Monday and a weekend full of Making a Murderer. My brain is still 84 percent righteous indignation, so I’m sure you can understand.

Anyhow, two days late, but isn’t half of winning playing the game? Even if it’s on the wrong day? On the wrong field? GIVE A GIRL A BREAK.

I’m feeling rather British with the new electric tea kettle I added to my writing space. It makes it a lot easier to drink fifty cups of tea while attempting to create worlds and whatnot.

The downside (because of course there’s a downside, this is Real Life) is that I’m forced to choose between hot tea and electricity, what with the number of times the tea kettle, upon reaching a rolling boil, shuts off the entire right side of my condo. And then The Man has to come home and wonder whether writing in the dark is some sort of metaphor for the state of my mind while attempting to write the first line of this new story.

Yes. Yes, it is.

I’ve basically promised my firstborn child to The Man should I not read Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One soon. It’s not really that huge of a motivator considering my firstborn child would be his, but he says it with menace so I get the point. Plus I want to read it anyway, even though I’m not into video games and am, in the words of my dear husband, so not fun. 

I’m also antsy to read Marie Lu’s The Young Elites. The Man got me a signed copy for Christmas because despite his child-stealing threats he’s a nice guy.

I try not to brag about my ability to binge (because some people call sitting on the couch all day lazy) but I’m going to brag about my ability to binge: In under two days this weekend, I’d watched all Making a Murderer episodes. I have three recommenations:
  1. Stay away from cops.
  2. Stay away from Wisconsin.
  3. Watch this show, pronto.
Aside from the true crime documentary, I also watched The Shannara Chronicles, which was surprisingly good and filled the Game of Thrones–sized hole in my life. (Though no one will take the place of Tyrion, may he never meet the sharp edge of George R. R. Martin’s pen.) The two female leads are equally kickass and all sorts of awesome, and Will is a fun sort of idiot who I can’t help but like. I’m on board, even though they killed the super hot elf whose voice was an exact replica of Finn’s from The 100.

I also watched Shadowhunters, which hahahahahahahahahaha. 

I’m pretty much playing this song on repeat as I brainstorm my next friendship-heavy story:

Writing a multiple POV novel for the first time. Writing third person for the first time. Whether I’m clinically insane or just headed in that direction.

The nine gajillion 2016 books I’d like to download to my brain right now. And I’m both anticipating and anti-anticipating The Raven King because A) the series will be over and B) Gansey’s life will be over. And I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

That you’ll check out this post about a young black girl who was frustrated with a lack of diversity in the books she was reading. She decided to start a book drive (check out the hashtag #1000BlackGirlBooks), and she’s aiming for 1,000 books with black girls as the main character.

Writer friends! Writing a book is such a mental game for me, and I can be pretty mean to myself most of the time. I tell myself I’m not capable. I tell myself I’ll fail. I tell myself my ideas are crap and my words are dumb and I’m having a really, really bad hair day. (Okay, that last one is true 99 percent of the time.)

So I’m happy I have friends to support me. My lovely CP Liz Parker is the equivalent of a cheerleader and pro-bono psychiatrist, and she gets full credit for my sanity.

What’s currently making you happy?

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