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Monday, February 14, 2011

How Do I Love Thee?

There are two reasons I’m thankful that today is Valentine’s Day.

1.     I hang onto the hope that Kay Jewelers will finally stop airing its stupid commercials with that stupid jingle* that never gets out of your head. I’m tired of seeing V-Day ads for the same multicolored charm bracelet that Santa approved of throughout all of November and December.

2.     I get to participate in the Blogger Lovefest dreamed up by Kate Hart, Tahereh Mafi, Kristin Miller, and Sarah Enni. I’m just glad they’re using their superpowers for good this time.

So about the Lovefest. Here’s how it worked: Bloggers were paired and instructed to blog about their secret Valentine today. (Yes, it reminds me of those awesome Valentine’s Day celebrations in elementary school, too.) When I received my secret Valentine I had a minor freak out. I’d never heard of my mysterious blogger. Two bars of chococlate later and I was fine.

Because Rebecca Behrens is cool. Really cool. I know this because, like any good secret admirer, I stalked her.**

Edited to add: And here’s where I find out that this is not Rebecca Behrens at all. It appears I was assigned the wrong blog address. However, BohemienneDC is still very cool. And the real Rebecca Behrens is also very cool for understanding. So tomorrow I’ll post my Lovefest ode to her. 

But I thought it might be creepy to slide a letter under her door, so here’s my Valentine’s Day note:

Dear, Rebecca BohemienneDC,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

No. 1
You’re an enabler—in a good way. Seriously. Reading your Twitter stream inspires me. You’re constantly posting your word counts and, while I may be a tad jealous when you whip out 1,000 words, I’m also motivated to make a big dent in my WIP.

No. 2
Your tweets are hilarious, though they make me want to waste more time on twitter.

No. 3
You knit. Okay, okay, this may be a bit selfish, but I could totally use a new scarf.

No. 4
You live in D.C. (Near me! Hi!) and described the city as the kind of cold that burns your nose hairs and makes your toenails hurt. And that, dear friend, is the most perfect way to describe winter. That, and traffic-jammed.

No. 5
You said this: “Remember, writing is supposed to be fun. In between all the scary, self-doubting, frustrating, horrifying parts.” Thanks, I think we all needed that.

Your Valentine

p.s. Because Rebecca BohemienneDC says she’s super shy, how about you head over to her blog and say hi? And follow her on Twitter.

*Sorry for infecting you.
** Um, Rebecca BohemienneDC? Please hold off on filing for a restraining order. I promise I don’t even know your address.

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