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Friday, May 27, 2011

A Query For Your Story

Remember the What If game we played last Friday? And how I promised a query letter for the story you guys came up with? Here you go:

Dear Agent Perfect,

World peace isn’t always a good thing. In sixteen-year-old Miranda’s world, peace is controlled with food rationing. Most people know that rations go to the highest bidder, but Miranda knows there’s more. And it’s a secret that could kill her.

When Miranda accidentally spills the fact that those highest bidders are clones bent on taking over the world, she ignites a revolution of humans—against world peace. But when the battle heats up, the humans learn that killing a clone kills its human, and vice versa. Oh, and Kyle, the cute guy she’s had a crush on since forever? Turns out he’s a clone.

As the battle rages on, only a few remaining humans and clones survive—including refuges like Miranda and Kyle. But when the government reverts to a monarchy of clones she must decide whether to join the resistance’s fight against them or attempt to escape with Kyle.

We’d love for you to consider our 70,000-word YA dystopian ATTACK OF THE CLONES. 

The readers of Tracey’s blog

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