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Friday, October 21, 2011

Nerd Alert: Awesome Literary-Inspired Goods

Sometimes I like to go into full-on nerd mode. It’s like me but better—or worse if you happen to hate nerds, in which case I’d like to remind you that a) they’re also a surprisingly delicious form of candy and b) most of them rule the world. The human nerds, that is. Not the candy ones.

Basically nerd mode involves talking about books or some other nerdy hobby while in a setting that demands complete and utter coolness. (Note: There is no “nerdiness not permitted” line on invitations. Knowing whether or not to let your freak flag fly is more about intuition than solid instructions, as helpful as they may be.)

Anyway, I found Out of Prints awesome literary-inspired bags, T-shirts, and iPhone and e-reader covers and was trying to decide: nerdy or totally hip? On the one hand, they’re definitely bookwormish. On the other … these are almost TOO COOL FOR WORDS.

Excuse me while I put on my glasses and a Great Gatsby shirt, and talk about teen fiction at a nightclub. Take that, cool kids.

So, um, who here is part of the nerd herd with me?

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