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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Go Away I'm Reading: The Hunger Games Set

So remember that time Sarah Enni, Erin Bowman, and I created these dust jackets to put on your books to tell people to bug off while you’re reading? And then the Internet was all like:

So the three of us were, like, majorly shocked and flattered. I swear, this is what we looked like:

Minus the makeup. And definitely without the fan blowing in our long, flowing hair. Also, and I can’t speak for Erin and Sarah, but I was definitely in my pajamas.

Anyhow, the whole experience got us thinking about creating more fun dust jackets. We’re considering opening a store for dust jackets and e-reader covers and cases—and maybe other ways to kindly tell people to go away. But before we do, we want your input!

I’d love you forever and ever if you could fill out this short survey. It’ll take you a minute, tops.

And just to bribe you, I give you not just Ryan Gossling, but RYAN GOSSLING HOLDING A BABY.

Ahem. Moving on.

Because we had so much fun making the last set of covers and because we’ve all come down with a severe case of Hunger Games mania, we’ve created a set of covers specifically for those who believe the word trackerjacket belongs in the dictionary.

Yes, that would be the Go Away I’m Reading Hunger Games set.

Head to Erin’s blog to download “At the Reaping, BRB.”

And find “BRB, Drinking With Haymitch” on Sarah’s blog.


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