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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

YA Book Club: March Reading

And the winner is….

Wanderlove edged out The Disenchantments* by one vote, so check your local bookstore or library and get ready to read it. Aside from giving us all a major case of wanderlust, I think as a book club we should pay special attention to setting.

You can blog or comment about anything you want, but if you have time, consider these points:
  • How did setting play a part in the story?
  • Could this story have been told in a different setting and still been the same?
  • What tips you picked up from Kirsten Hubbard when it comes to setting?
  • Did you feel the use of illustrations enhance the story?

Happy reading, and because I truly love you:

You’re welcome. 

*If you’re dying to read this, feel free to suggest it for April.

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