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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Secret Trick For You

Oh look, it’s Tuesday. Which means, according to the blogfest’s bylaws and constitution and instruction manual, I’m supposed to tell you about myself today. Something you don’t already know, which means no talk of my grace and charm. (Ha!) Hmmm…

Call me wicked, but there’s really nothing like watching someone’s face as your practical joke plays out with them. It’s not that I like laughing at helpless people … but, yeah, in this case it’s like I love laughing at helpless people. But all in good fun, I swear.

(Oh look, none of you want to be friends anymore. I wonder why…)

Half the fun is thinking up crazy jokes, but because I love you and would never laugh at you without a very good reason, I’m going to share an easy practical joke that doesn’t take much time or effort to pull.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A loved one’s toothbrush

Really, this is the simplest joke ever. Squeeze a decent amount of Anbesol onto the toothbrush, rubbing it in until traces of the brownish gel disappear into the bristles. Make sure you’re in the room when you’re friend/family member/sworn enemy brushes his or her teeth…

…and then starts to freak out when their mouth goes numb.

No humans are harmed in the making of this prank. The numbness wears off pretty quickly.

So there you have it. Okay, go ahead: Tell me I’m morally corrupt. But only do that if you’ve completed the prank and didn’t laugh so hard you cried.

What’s the best practical joke you’ve played (or had played on you)? 

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