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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Pep Talk

I interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to give you this:

 That’s right, a motivational penguin gif. This is a serious matter.

Whatever you’re working on, whatever story is causing you to drink like an alcoholic on booze cruise, you’re going to do great. 

No, really. I have absolute faith in you. And I don’t give out my faith to just anyone. (To reinforced concrete? Yes. Motorcycle helmets? Nope.)

I know you’re going to give that 2D character another dimension and fill in sparse world-building and delete that crappy prose and end up with a pretty awesome manuscript. Which might need to be revised.

But you can do that, too.

As can I. It’s a little tidbit I just learned this week. (Yup, I’m an adult and it took me that long to realize I can do it if I try. I never said I was quick on the uptake.)

So you and me?

Talk to me: What (manuscript) ill is ailing you?

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