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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Current Revision Process as Illustrated by Jennifer Lawrence Gifs

Yes, I really spent the time to write this post.

It’s just that I was going to use my What’s Up Wednesday* post to explain what the past few days of work on my book have been like when I had a sudden realization: Anything I say Jennifer Lawrence can say better. And she’s more adorable. So here, courtesy of an addictive Tumblr blog dedicated to Jennifer Lawrence gifs, I give you my current stage of the revision process:

The bones of my first draft have been written. Now I need to fill in some extra scenes. Glad I have an entire list of ideas.

Maybe interesting isn’t the right world. It’s more like fantastic. Okay, reality check:

All is going well until...PLOT HOLE.

I’ll tell you what I do: Get to work.

Right. Well, there’s always tomorrow. In fact, just as I’m nestling under my covers I have a brilliant idea. I’ll write it all down tomorrow.

Which begs the question: Why was I too lazy to find a pen and paper and make a note?!

You know what, I can work through this. I will fill that plot hole like... like... like a filler of things who fills things. I need a nap.

Three hours later...

Six hours later...

Okay, I need to approach this differently.

That’s right, you ridiculous plot hole, YOU WILL NOT WIN!

Besides, even if this book’s a bust, I still get to have fun working on it.

What’s up with you?

*If Jennifer Lawrence hasn’t distracted you too much, you’ll see I’m missing a few key elements of What’s Up Wednesday. So here, like a chunky footnote you dread to read, is my update. What I’m Reading: I felt like a quick mystery, so I bought Kat Carlton’s Two Lies and a Spy on a whim. It reminded me a lot of Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls spy series, and I’m interested to see where this series goes from here. It’s a light, fun read. What’s Inspiring Me: This oldie but goodie from Veronica Rossi at the YA Muses blog about finding your character’s root need.

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