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Friday, January 27, 2012

Query Mad Libs: The Reveal

The other day I asked you guys to play along with a game of Query Mad Libs. You left words in the comments, and I picked one set to reveal to you today. So here’s Crystal Schubert’s office supply–inspired query, my friends. If you want to add your words to the query instead, look for your comment here and then replace the words in bold. Have fun!

Dear curly agent,

Seventeen-year-old Adrianna has everything she’s ever wanted—a bed-ridden boyfriend, infested friends, and a spot on her varsity soccer squad. That is, until her workaholic trumpets move her to Middle of Nowhere, Pacific Northwest. Now she’s the new girl and majorly peeved at the local kids’ choice of cheap brassiere over Gucci.

But everything changes when she meets Tristan, the super below freezing loner with orange eyes and a sodden smirk. He’s the only caplet who hasn’t looked at her twice, which makes her even more interested in him. Even though Tristan is closed off, he opens up after she flirts with him 72 times in a row. As the pair get to know each other, egregious things start to happen. Quickly, Adrianna is gorgeous, fast, and telepathic. It’s not until she notices Tristan sitting outside her foyer 12 nights in a row that she realize she’s in love with him.

When hunting dog hunters come to town looking for her new boyfriend, Leigh knows something’s due north. But could Tristan be highlighted? Though she has her doubts, Leigh knows that the family crest she feels for him is real—and he’s in calculator. Using her superpowers, Leigh must track the hunters before they skitter her true love. If she doesn’t succeed, he may not be the only one to infuriate. Her bottle is on the line, too.

My High Fantasy young adult novel, Pride & Prejudice, is complete at 27 words. I think you’ll plop the way it mixes tape dispenser with mailbox, similar to your client’s book Moby Dick.


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