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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nominations! Nominations!

I am not crazy.

You see, it’s been three months since the YA Book Club last reconvened and even though taking some time off was all for the best (I’m pretty sure I would have been leading solo meetings had I asked you to read along during the holidays), it’s been a little too long.

I miss having to review at least one book each month.

I miss you.

I miss talking about the books I read with someone other than myself.

Which brings me back to the whole crazy thing. Which I’m not. It’s just imperative for my sanity that the next book I read be done in a group setting so that I can express my feelings about the book to other bookish people who will, unlike my imaginary friends, converse with me.

Or so says my new therapist.

Anyhow, it is time. Time to nominate whatever books you’ve had your eye on for the March book of the month. Let’s make sure it’s available on March 1 or earlier and not part of a series unless the YA Book Club has already read the start of the series. (A list of our past reads is here.)

Quick, to the comments!

What book do you want to read with the YA Book Club in March?

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