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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bookanista Review: A Tale of Two Centuries

Rachel Harris’s My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century was an adorable YA contemporary that followed twenty-first century Cat as she traveled to sixteenth-century Italy, found a best friend in her ancestor Alessandra, and fell in love. In the sequel, A Tale of Two Centuries, Harris twists the story: Alessandra travels to modern L.A. Cue the hijinks.

(Imma gonna go ahead and stop you right here if you don’t want to read any spoilers for My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century.)

This is such a fun book. It’s the sort of story you want to read if you’re upset or moody or and need a pick-me-up. Like Ben and Jerry’s. Did I just call A Tale of Two Centuries literary ice cream? I believe I did.

Alessandra’s misunderstandings over modern technology and language were such fun, and the growing relationship between Alessandra and her descendant Cat was sweet. The bond between the two girls was one of my favorite parts. Cat’s still the same strong girl she was in My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, but during the course of this sequel we get to watch Alessandra grow up and come into her own.

And then there’s Austin, the misunderstood bad boy who becomes her de facto guide to all that is modern. (Including an adorable amusement park experience.) Their relationship was slow-building and sweet, and by the end I was really rooting for them to stay together despite the five-century difference. Oh, that? NBD.

On that note: I really like how Harris handled the ending. We know from My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century that Cat was returned to the 21st century eventually, and it’s understood from the start that Alessandra’s trip will one day be cut short, too. But what about her new sister-but-really-descendant and super hot boyfriend?

Like I’m going to answer that.

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