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By day, I report the facts. I’m a magazine journalist who writes about health and sometimes famous people.

By night, I make up stories.

Here are a few other things you don’t need to know about me:

  • My name is spelled with an e. I curse the day my parents decided that, but after twentysomething years I’m stuck with that spelling.
  • People often call me Tracy.
  • I hate that.
  • I’m somewhere between twenty-five and thirty. I don’t plan to update this portion of my About page specifically to remain in that age bracket for eternity.
  • I think it’ll work.
  • I live in Massachusetts with my husband. You can call him The Man.
  • I would choose dessert over dinner any day of the week.
That should do it. You now officially know me.

Youll also find me reviewing books for The Bookanistas and discussing everything young adult at YA Confidential.