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Monday, November 21, 2011

We Have a Winner!

Well, it’s that kind of Monday again, guys. The one where you don’t even pretend to read this post, instead scrolling, scrolling, scrolling down until you see the words the winner is

So I’ll spare your hand the carpal tunnel.
The winner of Scrivener is Pam Harris. Congrats, Pam!
Everyone else, crowd around Pam to either A) try to smile but fail miserably when all you can think of is how YOU SHOULD HAVE WON, B) laugh at all her jokes with the hope that she’ll find you irresistible enough to pass her winnings on to you, or C) tell her, in your best Regina voice, that winning is so last year.

Your reaction choices from left to right: A, B, B, C.

C’mon, in celebration of your jealousy over Pam’s win, gimme your best Mean Girls quote. 

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