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Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Funnies: A Bad Lip Reading

Happy Friday, friends. I’ve been having fun doing Blog MeMaybe with you guys. Today’s my favorite day of the blogfest because it’s all about having fun.

So I wanted to share a new-to-me video that I think you’ll like. There’s a very large chance you all have seen this already, mainly because I’m not nearly as cool as I pretend to be.

I MEAN... uh, I’m like probably the coolest person you’ll ever meet and I knew Bad Lip Reading was cool before anyone else did.

Right, so the Bad Lip Reading people remake popular videos with words you’d assume were being sung if you were lip reading. And if you were bad at it. The most amazing thing is that it really does seem that the lyrics match their moving lips.

This is a bad lip reading remix of Taylor Swift’s “Our Song,” featuring Wiz Khalifa.

My favorite part starts at 3:25, when Taylor and Wiz sing nonsensical phrases to each other like:
Pools of Tang (It’s like ghetto poison.) 
Exotic garlic syrup (Helps to wash down licorice.)
And, yes, it took me a good minute to realize this was not some wacky new song of Taylor Swift’s. Shut up.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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