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Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Official

I always fear a title like this one’s going to give people such high expectations of my news. Like, “It’s official, I sold my house!” Or, “It’s official, I sold my book!”

Yeah, this is not that.* Sorry.

But don’t click away just yet.

(Hi! I like you, so you should stay. Also, it’s Monday and that means it’s Cute Animal Day, which I just made up but hope you will appreciate anyway.)

A lot of you have been asking about the Fall Book Club. I thought I’d get some facts straight.
  1. It’s winter.
  2. Therefore, the Fall Book Club has been terminated.
  3. It will not be back.
  5. I’ll be hosting a YA Book Club on this blog year-round.
  6. Yes, this is basically the Fall Book Club with a name change.
The book club will be starting back up for February, so you can expect news on the book pick soon.

If you’ve never joined the book club but are curious, click Book Club in the menu above. There’s no limit on the number of people who can join because it’s held here—right on the Internet and on your blog. Which is to say, I’d love for you to participate.

Finally, the new name called for a new button, so feel free to trash your fall ones and grab this instead:

Words on Paper

Get the code:

What would you like to read for the February book? (Books should be published by Feb. 1, 2012 so that members have a full month to read.) Leave your suggestions in the comments!

*Though I do have something fun planned for you later this week. And now I shall be annoying and make you wait for more info.

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