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Monday, July 9, 2012

You May Have Missed This

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I’ve been working on this blog since December 2010. That’s a lot longer than it feels, which means chitchatting with you guys makes time go faster. (Where were you during my Western Civilization course?) I realized this when Elodie so kindly gave me a blog award that asks participants to feature seven old posts.

I love this idea, and not just because it lets me recycle material instead of thinking up something new. (Why, yes, my middle name is Lazy. However did you know?) It’s a great way to highlight posts some of my newer readers may have missed,* a tragedy considering the brilliance I spew here. (Ha!)

So here we go…

I can’t take credit for the most beautiful piece on my blog. I gave you a sentence—“they know when you’re going to die—and a couple pictures and together you guys wrote something amazing and gorgeous, and it’s one of my favorite posts on this blog. 

Most Helpful Piece: Best Writing Advice
Back in 2011 I asked you guys for your best writing advice, and you delivered. I compiled all of your brilliant tips into the most helpful post on my blog.

We followed that up in 2012 with a ton of outlining tips for pantstersI also wrote a primer on Pinterest and one on Scrivener for writers.

Most Popular Piece: Do Not Disturb
Remember that time I created some Go Away, I’m Reading book covers with Sarah Enni and Erin Bowman? Yeah, well, my post about it is still the most-read page on my blog. By a long shot.

Most Controversial Piece: Safe Haven
None of my posts are really controversial, so how about a post in which I assert some strongly held beliefs?

Most Surprisingly Successful Piece: Getting the Title Right: An 8-Step Plan
I revealed my secret Impossibly Awesome Title-Creating Formula and shared it with you. I think you all found it to be really, really helpful.

Most Underrated Piece: Do You Smell Something?
I wrote about the importance of smell in fiction and why more characters need to use that sense.

Call me a cheater, but Im going to give you another: I also wrote about the introduction of backstory using the novel Feed as an example.

Most Pride-Worthy Piece: The 9 Phases of Revising
I’m going to go with this post, in which I reveal my artistic talent. It got a good number of comments and even though I haven’t read them in over a year I’m pretty sure most say “You’re the next van Gogh.”

And now I’m going to pass the award on to all of you since I’d love to check out your posts.

*Because, clearly, I’m the only nutcase who reads writer’s blog archives.

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